Beautiful A.M a 9 year old girl whose parents noticed a swelling under her nose involving her upper jaw was taken round her nature TIV private hospitals, the swelling continued to increase in size and her parents were advised to bring her to Lagos. At LUTH, a diagnosis of Burkitt’s lymphoma was made she was started on chemotherapy, Burkitts a fast growing tumor response  fast to the correct chemotherapy, after 2 courses of chemotherapy the swelling had reduced so much one can once again appreciate A.M ‘s beauty she was discharged  home to continue chemotherapy. From home she came once and never showed up again for chemotherapy. Her parents brought her in 6 months later bleeding and very pale. She died before she could be transfused.


2yrs 9month old G.N, a male child who had persistent fever was treated as a case of malaria at various private hospitals before coming to LUTH, Full blood count done at the emergency room revealed a high white cell count and abdominal examination revealed enlarged liver and spleen. The Hematology/Oncology units were contacted and G.N was admitted into the oncology ward. Further investigation revealed G.N had   leukemia. He was to stay in the oncology ward for about 4 months. He celebrated his 3rd birthday in the ward. He started chemotherapy and achieved remission, was discharged home to come for further chemotherapy his parents could not afford the cost, they had other children to feed, rent to pay, and other daily expenses. The mother was pregnant; the father had to miss work for almost the 4 months he was on admission. He never came back for chemotherapy. He died a day after being rushed into the emergency room about 8 months later.


N.H., a 4 year old female child as bright as they come, came in with abdominal swelling. The swelling had been noticed by the mother while giving her a bath. She was taken to private hospitals. At the suggestion of tumor, her parents were advised to take her to the village as there may be a spiritual angle to it. When  N.H. was not as bright as before and her abdomen continued to increase in size, she was brought back to Lagos, and to LUTH Nephroblastoma  (a kidney cancer ) was the diagnosis after series of investigation  she took some chemotherapy, had surgery and continued with the chemotherapy. While on chemotherapy, a check x ray revealed metastasis to the lungs. The parents were so devastated they refused to continue with the chemotherapy. N .H. died almost a month later.


D.N., 3 year 5 months old male child who had a white spot in the black of his eyes (pupil) was taken to various hospitals by his very caring and loving parents. No one suspected childhood cancer until about 6 months into the illness. On getting to LUTH a diagnosis of Retinoblastoma was made. He was commenced on chemotherapy; a shunt was put into the brain because of hydrocephalus and increase in the head size. After the 2nd course of chemo; he became unconscious and had repeated episodes of convulsions. He was referred to U C H Ibadan where the shunt was change; he continued chemo and had radiotherapy. His father had to abandon his work in Lagos to be with him. After a well fought battle, D.N passed on.


A.S. an 18 moth old female child was noticed   by the mother to be less active, looked almost white. She was taken to a private hospital where she was transfused a couple of times on account of law (packed cell volume).  For a period of 3 months.  Afraid of the multiple transfusions her parents took her general hospital from where she was referred to LUTH. A diagnosis of Leukemia was made. She had more transfusions – blood and platelets in LUTH had commenced chemotherapy before she passed on after battling for 6 months