From the 1st day of September to the last day, please try to remember children with cancer and the families.

CLWCF have the following activities lined up.
1st of September, Release of gold coloured balloons, by individuals, groups, families, and friends, in what we call I care challenge. We challenge Nigerians especially to take time out and think of these children and their families, saying kind encouraging words, and prayers for/ to them.
1st to 3rd September, Art exhibition of art works done by children across Nigeria including children with cancer.
Lectures and seminars in markets and ministry of health, concerts by our ambassadors
Annual walkathon on the 30th.

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1 1/9/2017 11AM-3PM Opening the awareness campaign Increase awareness of childhood cancer to the public CLWCF/Celebs OAPs, MDs and CEOs Media, caps, vehicles, t- shirts, flyers, balloons, Celebrities, OAPs,vehicles. Ikeja, Surulere, Apapa, Lekki, Yaba
2 7/9/2017 9am-12am Health talk, Public Sensitization on childhood cancer Increase awareness of childhood cancer to the public CLWCF, Doctors and other health care givers T-shirts, flyers, public address system, refreshment, vehicles Alade  market
3 1st to 3rd/9/2017 2pm to 8pm daily Art exhibition Showing the world what children can do given the right circumstance, Creating awareness Artists, Josephine Art works, branding the venue, brochures, framing works, transporting work to venue Freedom Park, Lagos Island
4 22/9/2017 10am-12pm Health talk Increase awareness of childhood cancer to the public CLWCF/Lagos State Ministry of Health LSMH Conference room, projector/big screen television,vehicles Ikeja
5 30/9/2017 7am to 12 noon Walkathon A walk from LUTH to the national stadium and back to LUTH. CLWCF,HEALTH WORKERS,VOLUNTEERS etc. T-shirts, flyers, venue, public addresssystem,refreshments,vehincle,media,rentals(chairs,table,canopy,roll-up banners etc. Idi-araba LUTH