Our Objectives

To care for children living with cancer and generally create and stimulate awareness of the public in this direction.
To involve the Federal, State and Local Government, Ministries, Health and other relevant bodies in the careful management of these children where necessary and ensuring that these children are happy and look forward to the future with hope and confidence.
To involve Religious Bodies, Traditional Rulers, Community Leaders and men and women of distinction in the society and all other relevant organizations in the treatment and welfare of the children and by doing so giving them a chance in life.
To undertake and develop relevant training program, researches and medical studies into the disease of cancer generally in children and all it’s ramifications, with a view to alleviate the suffering of victims.
To liaise with, amalgamate and join other Organizations with similar aims and objectives with a view to enhance the aims and objectives of the foundation.
To establish the ‘Children living with cancer fund’ both here in Nigeria and overseas with a view of getting national and international support in whatever form.
To establish and run with qualified medical personnel a children’s cancer center cater to forchildren living with cancer.

Who we are

CHILDREN LIVING WITH CANCER FOUNDATION (CLWCF) is a Non Government Organization (NGO) set up to cater for the welfare, and medication of children battling with cancer whilst providing support for their families. We are registered with ICCCPO, an international organization dedicated to the care of children with cancer, and those that have survived cancer.

Do children have cancer? You might wonder. YES, CHILDREN ALSO HAVE CANCER! But fortunately more importantly, CHILDHOOD CANCER IS CURABLE if detected on time and dealt with promptly. CLWCF is committed to help facilitate awareness of childhood cancers and support of families affected by cancer most of which are from poor families.