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Who We are

CHILDREN LIVING WITH CANCER FOUNDATION (CLWCF) is a Non Government Organization (NGO) set up to cater for the welfare, and medication of children battling with cancer whilst providing support for their families. We are registered with ICCCPO, an international organization dedicated to the care of children with cancer, and those that have survived cancer.

Do children have cancer? You might wonder. YES, CHILDREN ALSO HAVE CANCER! But fortunately more importantly, CHILDHOOD CANCER IS CURABLE if detected on time and dealt with promptly. CLWCF is committed to help facilitate awareness of childhood cancers and support of families affected by cancer most of which are from poor families.

CHILDREN LIVING WITH CANCER FOUNDATION (CLWCF) seeks creative and engaging methods to create awareness about the plight of children living with cancer as well as raise funds for the foundation for the benefit of affected kids. This led to the creation of the Bald Challenge campaign which plans to create enough drama that people can connect with thus leading to awareness of the cause by the public and enough media buzz to arouse the interest of the public and garner support for the children.    Our objective for hosting the Bald Challenge Funfair competition is based basically out of compassion for the cancer afflicted kids, and the fact that they lose their hair during their chemotherapy courses. It signifies solidarity and support for them.
     It will also be used as a fund raising avenue for the kids. Most importantly, Childhood cancer awareness campaign will be attached to the program. It will be fun and entertainment for the participants / sponsors, and will allow them showcase both their products and their support for the betterment of childhood cancer treatment.